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Sex-specific associations of maternal birthweight with offspring birthweight in the Omega study.
Collette N Ncube, Amelia R Gavin, Michelle A Williams, Chunfang Qiu, Tanya K Sorensen, and Daniel A Enquobahrie


Disease Severity, Pregnancy Outcomes and Maternal Deaths among Pregnant Patients with SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Washington State.
Erica M Lokken, Emily M Huebner, G Gray Taylor, Sarah Hendrickson, Jeroen Vanderhoeven, Alisa Kachikis, Brahm Coler, Christie L Walker, Jessica S Sheng, Benjamin J S Al-Haddad, Stephen A McCartney, Nicole M Kretzer, Rebecca Resnick, Nena Barnhart, Vera Schulte, Brittany Bergam, Kimberly K Ma, Catherine Albright, Valerie Larios, Lori Kelley, Victoria Larios, Sharilyn Emhoff, Jasmine Rah, Kristin Retzlaff, Chad Thomas, Bettina W Paek, Rita J Hsu, Anne Erickson, Andrew Chang, Timothy Mitchell, Joseph K Hwang, Stephen Erickson, Shani Delaney, Karen Archabald, Carolyn R Kline, Sylvia M LaCourse, Kristina M Adams Waldorf, and Washington State COVID-19 in Pregnancy Collaborative

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