Swedish Thoracic Surgery, an integral part of Swedish Cancer Institute and the Swedish Digestive Health Institute, offers a comprehensive range of thoracic surgical procedures, and has emerged as the largest program in the Northwest. Our focus is on thorough evaluation and tailored surgical treatment in the areas of airway diagnostics, pleural disease, foregut oncology, GERD and swallowing, lung cancer, minimally invasive thoracic surgery, thoracic oncology, mediastinal diseases and hyperhidrosis.


Submissions from 2020


Life Is Really Simple, but We Insist on Making It Complicated-Lessons From Confucius on Ultrasound Use in the ICU., Christopher R Gilbert, Fabien Maldonado, Lonny B Yarmus, Jason A Akulian, Candice L Wilshire, and Jed A Gorden

Submissions from 2019


Objective Evidence of Reflux Control After Magnetic Sphincter Augmentation: One Year Results From a Post Approval Study., Brian Louie, C Daniel Smith, Christopher C Smith, Reginald C W Bell, George Kevin Gillian, Jeffrey S Mandel, Kyle A Perry, Walter Kurt Birkenhagen, Paul A Taiganides, Christy M Dunst, Howard M McCollister, John C Lipham, Leena K Khaitan, Shawn T Tsuda, Blair A Jobe, Shanu N Kothari, and Jon C Gould