Submissions from 2019


Nighttime Sleep Duration Prediction for Inpatient Rehabilitation Using Similar Actigraphy Sequences, Allison Fellger, Gina Sprint, Alexa Andrews, Douglas Weeks, and Elena Crooks

Submissions from 2018


Habitual sleep duration and sleep duration variation are independently associated with body mass index., X Xu, M P Conomos, O Manor, J E Rohwer, A T Magis, and J C Lovejoy

Submissions from 2017


Predictors of sleepiness in obstructive sleep apnoea at baseline and after 6 months of continuous positive airway pressure therapy., Rohit Budhiraja, Clete A Kushida, Deborah A Nichols, James K Walsh, Richard D Simon, Daniel J Gottlieb, and Stuart F Quan