Submissions from 2018


Multicenter US Clinical Trial With an Electric-Acoustic Stimulation (EAS) System in Adults: Final Outcomes., Harold C Pillsbury, Margaret T Dillon, Craig A Buchman, Hinrich Staecker, Sandra M Prentiss, Michael J Ruckenstein, Douglas C Bigelow, Fred F Telischi, Diane M Martinez, Christina L Runge, David R Friedland, Nikolas H Blevins, Jannine B Larky, George Alexiades, David M Kaylie, Peter S Roland, Richard T Miyamoto, Douglas D Backous, Frank M Warren, Hussam K El-Kashlan, Heidi K Slager, Carisa Reyes, Allison I Racey, and Oliver F Adunka


Totally implantable active middle ear implant: Hearing and safety results in a large series., Jack A Shohet, Deanna M Gende, and Cheryl S Tanita

Books from 2017

Oral, Head and Neck Oncology and Reconstructive Surgery, R. Bryan Bell, Peter E. Andersen, and Rui P. Fernandes