Submissions from 2019


Epidemiologic evaluation of Nhanes for environmental Factors and periodontal disease., P Emecen-Huja, H-F Li, J L Ebersole, J Lambert, and H Bush


Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer in Average Risk Adults 20-39 Years of Age: A Population-Based National Study., Michael Glover, Emad Mansoor, Muhammed Panhwar, Sravanthi Parasa, and Gregory S Cooper


Epidemiologic features of a large hepatitis C cohort evaluated in a major health system in the western United States., Nizar A Mukhtar, Erik M Ness, Manan Jhaveri, Oren K Fix, Marquis Hart, Christopher Dale, Cheryl Pratt, and Kris V Kowdley

Submissions from 2018


Epidemiology and contemporary management of abdominal aortic aneurysms., Brant W Ullery, Richard L Hallett, and Dominik Fleischmann