Submissions from 2019


The Human Immunopeptidome Project: a roadmap to predict and treat immune diseases., Juan Antonio Vizcaíno, Peter Kubiniok, Kevin Kovalchik, Qing Ma, Jérôme Despault Duquette, Ian Mongrain, Eric W Deutsch, Bjoern Peters, Alessandro Sette, Isabelle Sirois, and Etienne Caron


Impact of Prevnar (PCV13) vaccine recommendations in pediatric and immunocompetent adults 65 years and older: What are the benefits and risks?, James E. Watkins, Anne Marie Thibodeaux, and John C. Darnell

Submissions from 2015


Immunogenic compositions comprising silicified virus and methods of use, Kenneth M. Stedman, James R. Laidler, and Keith Bahjat

Submissions from 2013


Allogeneic autophagosome-enriched composition for the treatment of disease, Traci Hilton, Sandra Aung, Rieneke van de Ven, Christopher Paustian, Tarsem Moudgil, Christopher Dubay, Christopher Twitty, Hong-Ming Hu, and Bernard A. Fox